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Integrity is your only legacy

* Project Management and Creative Supervision
* Technical Writing
* Studio and Education Faculty Training Programs
* Production Oversight, Project Mentoring and Incubation
* Animation Direction including 2d/3d Performance Animation
* System Design and Technical Consult
* Course Design, Consult and Teaching
* Design Management
* Fund-raising for community efforts in the creative space
* Master Trainer –facilitation and human skills
* Process documentation / design –SOPs to improve impact of interventions
* Communication design –reports / print material for NGOs for outreach / reporting


Ongoing Engagements

* Chief Creative Producer (Projects & Strategy) @ Vaibhav Studios
* Author of The Art of Animation Production Management

* Production and Strategy Consult @ Girgit Studios Pvt. Ltd.
* Mentor @ Vaanarsena Studios.
* Writer – Fiction, Personal IP project – Potential Short Story/Series.
* Story Development and co-writing a mainstream Hindi feature film.
* Conduct the following Lecture Sessions and Masterclasses
   – Animation and the Craft of Storytelling
   – Productivity, Communication and Ethics
   – Design Management for creative projects
   – Fundamentals of CGI & Digital Image Processing
   – Idea Concept Story
   – Pixillation
   – Career Options in Animation / Gaming / Visual Effects and New Media
   – Presentation / Facilitation and Human Skills for Master Trainers

Career Track
Over the years

Chief Creative Producer (Projects & Strategy) – Vaibhav Studios
Creative Productivity Consult – Toonz Media Group
Production Consult – Red Cigarette Media Pvt. Ltd
Industry Liason and Brand Strategy – XP Pen India Ltd.
Guest Speaker – Thoughtspot – JK Lakshmipat University, Jaipur
Production & Strategy Consult – Girgit Studios Pvt. Ltd.
Visiting Faculty – MIT University (MITID), Maharashtra
 2020 Visiting Faculty – Chitkara University, DJ Academy of Design, SASI School of Architecture
Technical Writer – Consult – CanCommunicate
 2019 Adjunct Program Director – School of Entertainment Arts, DICE VFS, Mumbai
 2017 COO @ Masoom – SOP design and development, NGO in Mumbai
 2016 Training Toolkit Design and Development – 10 book set @ Masoom, Mumbai
 2015 Operational Processes @ Toonz Animation, Trivandrum
 2014 Productivity and Management @ Vaibhav Studios, Mumbai
 2012 Productivity and Management @ Studio Eeksaurus Pvt Ltd, Mumbai
 2010 Global Head, Business Development – Maya Digital Media Pvt Ltd., Mumbai
Co-promoter RamSinghKumaresh – The Animation Masterclass
 2009 Creative Consultant (Game Art Development) @ Milestones Interactive
 2008 Program Director of the Ontario College Graduate Certificate Program
(Consultant for collaboration between Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology, Canada
and Frameboxx Animation Visual Effects, India)
 2007 Director, Production & Operations @ RG Texin Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi
 2006 Project Director International Projects – Maya Entertainment Ltd, Mumbai
 2005 Honorary Secretary of TASI – The Animation Society of India
 2001 Independent Creative Producer / Animation Director and Mentor
Co-Promoter TASI
 1995 Co-Promoted Graphiti Multimedia Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
 1989 Intern at Computer Graphiti (Bombay) Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Work Record
BadaBeep BadaBoop

Numerous 2d/3d, Live Action / Animation and Special Effects TVCs.

As an advisor have provided guidance for operational streamlining and strategy.

Created project reports and proposals for start-ups.

Designed documentation and content management for Standard Operating Protocol related to animation production and processes at Toonz Animation, Trivandrum.

Designed and developed Standard Operating Protocol documents for Masoom – NGO working for Night Schools in Mumbai. Covered 4 verticals including Program, Career Cell, Tech-on-wheels Bus and Leadership Academy.

Designed and managed production processes for international 3d episodic series at Maya Entertainment Ltd, Mumbai / Zoo Group Inc, UK / Ragdoll UK (series TRONJI – telecast on BBC Worldwide).

Designed and implemented production management processes at Vaibhav Studios, Mumbai to streamline 3d production pipeline, optimising utilisation of manpower and resources, enabling effective project management.

Designed and implemented production management processes at Studio Eeksaurus Productions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai, for their internal stop-motion as well as 3d CGI IP projects. Also designed production tracking templates to enable effective monitoring of animated tvc projects plus provided overall guidance in studio operations. Helped to augment teams through pre-screening of candidates, optimized allocation of available human resources on projects. Designed, initiated and successfully completed a detailed and confidential, personal artist profiling exercise to enable a realistic feedback from the production floor.

Production and 3d Design oversight for ASME / ISO 2001 Sheet metal fabrication workshop. Managing on floor production, operations, multi-site setup and management.

Designed and taught a 40-Hour course module (Animation / Gaming / Vfx) at RN Jhunjhunwala College, for the MA-Arts course of Mumbai University.

Designed and developed 10-part Training Toolkit for Masoom including content creation for a Facilitator Guide (Book 10 of the series).

Designed and conducted 2-day master workshop in facilitation skills for Masoom Master Trainers.

Other Activities
Founder Trustee and former Hon. Secretary of The Animation Society of India
Mentor / Coach at Vaanarsena Studios, Bangalore
Mentor at RamSinghKumaresh – The Animation Masterclass


Digital Technology, Graphic Art, Sketching, Reading, DIY, Music, Percussion, Education, Travel & Poetry….more here


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