Keep it Simple and first solve the problem. Focus on the core challenge-the basic issue.
Innovations & improvements are a means to the end.

 Creative / Production : Visual Media  Advisory / Consult
  Production & Project Management
  Creative Oversight
  Turnkey Projects & Contracts
  Animation for Digital Media
    Advertising / Digital
    Corporate Edutainment
    Promotional – Social Service
  Technical Writing
  Process Management & Operations
  Process Design / Validation & Documentation
  Organisational Structuring
  Artist-Engineer Bridge 
  Start-up Consult
  Administrative Documentation Design
  Talent Selection & Motivation
Corporate / Personal / NGO  Mentoring : Professional / Student Projects
  Annual Reports
  SOP design and development
  Audio-Visuals & Presentations
  Interactive Training Aids
  Editorial Content & Visualisation
  Website Development
  Incubation: Content Selection
  Pitch design and development
  Content Development
  Systems & Production Coaching
  Project Supervision


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