My first book was commissioned by Macmillan Publishers (India) Ltd, and released in 2012 at Anifest India.

If you create art/animation in 2d or 3d, work with stop-motion, create visual effects or game assets or work as a digital design professional, this is a book for you. Whether you are an independent professional, student or a studio, imbibing the principles of production management will help you to streamline your productions. It is not limited to animation, but rather to any medium of art that employs talent, resources, infrastructure and finance in a time-bound manner. Through a structured approach, production management enables optimal realization of the potential of available talent, enables accurate project status tracking and updates, helps to create clear and accurate channels of communication, and empowers you to create effective and realistic schedules.
It is an integral part of any project, (Service work, In-house IPs, Small/Mid/Large TV Episodic Productions, TV Commercials, DVD productions, E-learning Projects, Feature Projects, Personal Assignments) and is applicable to all formats and mediums of art.  
Along with helping to streamline operations, it also creates production ready professionals and helps in accurate assessment of performance of people on the floor. An added advantage of understanding and mastering this subject is that it provides excellent job opportunities. This book is for those seeking to advance their careers to leadership positions within a studio environment. It is invaluable for studio owners and those who are planning to set up their own independent operations. Read more / Download


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