Teaching History

 Year      Topic      Venue
2018 Idea | Concept | Story – 2 day state level workshop  PA Inamdar College – Azam Campus Pune – Pics
Introduction to Animation, Gaming, Vfx & New Media. Career options  TASI – Chandigarh
Presentation and Facilitation Skills for Master Trainers Masoom (NGO)
2017     The Creative Producer on IP Creation     Anifest India – Mumbai
    Animation Production Management and Methodologies,
Introduction to IPR, Building Industry Relevant Portfolios
    Satyajit Ray Film & Television Institute – Kolkata
2016     Presentation and Soft Skills for Master Trainers     Masoom (NGO)
2015     MA-Arts (Entertainment, Media & Advertising) Mumbai University     Ramniranjan Jhunjhunwala College – Mumbai
    Idea / Concept / Story     Arena Kalakari – Calcutta
    Idea / Concept / Story,  Pixillation     Arena Kalakari – New Delhi
    Idea / Concept / Story     Arena Kalakari – Ahmedabad
    Pixillation – An introduction to the technique     Arena Kalakari – Mumbai
    Idea / Concept / Story     Arena Orbit Live – Mumbai
2014     Managing Animation Projects     Toonz Animation – Trivandrum
    Importance of Animation Production Management     Indian Animation Masters Summit – Trivandrum
2013     Animation Production Management / Craft of Storytelling     TASI – New Delhi
2012     Importance of Production Management in Art & Animation     Indore
    Pixillation – Stop Motion Animation     Indore
    Career Options     Indore
    Animation Production Management     DSK – Supinfocom Campus – Pune
2011     Importance of Production Management in Art & Animation     Whistling Woods International, Mumbai
    Pixillation – Stop Motion Animation     Jaipur International Animation Festival
    Introducing Animation Production Management     Jaipur International Animation Festival
    Fundamentals of CGI     Western Region – Mumbai
    Pixillation – Stop Motion Animation     Comic Con India – New Delhi
    Animation Production Management     IIT Delhi, Dept. of Management Studies
    Fundamentals of CGI     Southern Region – Chennai
    Animation in Advertising     XIC – Mumbai
    Fundamentals of CGI     Southern Region – Bangalore
2010     Fundamentals of CGI     Northern Regin – New Delhi
    Fundamentals of CGI     Eastern Region – Kolkata
    Career Options and Future Trends in Animation     Kolkata – TASI Session
2009     Storytelling / Animation Production Management     Northern Region – New Delhi
    Storytelling / Animation Production Management     Eastern Region – Kolkata
    Craft of Storytelling     Frameboxx Animation, Dadar – Mumbai
    Art of Animation Production Management     Anifest India – Mumbai
    Animation Production Management     Frameboxx Incubation Center – Mumbai


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