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All masterclasses are non-technical and extremely interactive. Short class durations are between 1-3 hours, extended masterclasses are between 24-36 hours, spread over multiple days.

Art of Animation Production Management
Overview This Masterclass lays stress on the fact that managing art is just as important as creating art. There are important skills that an artist has to learn in order to be an effective contributor to the production pipeline. The class covers data, time, asset and resource management, performance evaluation, scheduling, budgeting, effective communication, planning, allocation, tracking, decision making and record keeping. It showcases the impact of basic decisions on the production floor. This class is NOT about the production pipeline, but about the art and craft of managing a production. It’s knowledge will be useful irrespective of whether a participant seeks employment or wants to be or is an entrepreneur.
Outcome Participants will have a better understanding of how to manage their projects. They will learn industry practices to improve their productivity and daily output through simple yet effective techniques. Effective planning, scheduling and budgeting techniques will enable them to make projects financially feasible and profitable. Exposure to clear and concise communication techniques, oral as well as written skills, creation of knowledge libraries for future use, human resource management and assessment techniques is expected to enhance their overall control over projects.
Craft of Animation Storytelling
Overview This Masterclass covers film appreciation and understanding of the core concepts of good story telling with specific emphasis on animation short films. We discuss the 4 basic building blocks of a story and explore the importance and relevance of each enabling the conversion of an idea into a script / screenplay that can utilise the power of animation.
Outcome Emphasis on converting ideas into a viable scripts for creating animation films. It empowers the participants to differentiate and develop a random thought into a doable story-idea. They get a better understanding of story telling and are better equipped to initiate their own short films, either as group projects or as independent ventures. Teachers are expected to initiate holistic training processes with their students that enables them to limit the required number of contact hours.
Fundamentals of CGI & Animation
Overview Stepping away from the menu driven approach, this masterclass is about the fundamentals. It explores the virtual world and explains basic concepts of image creation and manipulation. Topics covered include the origin and development of the digital co-ordinate space, basics of digital images, color theory, cognitive science, persistence of vision, image formation, data compression, video signal, analog / digital video, digital file structure, types and structure of animation, modeling theory, basic components required to create images, fundamentals of time and space, shooting for special needs and basics of image compositing.
Outcome The class breaks down complex functions of digital image processing and the digital environment into the basics. It is expected to enable an understanding of the digital canvas to manipulate images in order to exploit the power of the digital processing. The class will provide a better appreciation of elementary functions in digital processing and is expected to enable participants to improve their image processing capabilities. It is ideal for students who are working with or being introduced to digital media across any format. This course covers fundamental knowledge that is critical in the new age digital work environment. It is a look under the hood of image processing and digital data handling to encourage knowledgeable use of software tools as opposed to working through trial and error.
Career Options
Overview The class explores the potential uses of technical skills that a student learns through various training courses. It showcases applications of various aspects of animation, modeling, design, lighting, compositing in real world scenarios.
Outcome Designed for freshers as well as those who are already undergoing training, this class is expected to empower participants to make the appropriate career choice as per existing opportunities for their skills, beyond the field of films and entertainment.
Overview This class is about the technique of stop motion animation known as Pixillation. Using various examples of experimental films, tv commercials, music videos and short films, the class introduces the technique, technical aspects, including planning, tips and tricks for shooting, acting and direction.
Outcome Participants are expected to be able to visualise, plan and shoot their own short films.
Concept Idea Story
Overview This class addresses the basic question of how to take a concept / idea and convert it into an exciting and practically executable story using animation.
Outcome Participants are encouraged to discuss their ideas and collectively build story lines based on the fundamentals of effective storytelling. They are expected to be able to identify powerful concepts and ideas and easily convert them into doable projects using any medium of animation.



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