An intriguing development for me as thoughts formed words in a sudden and overwhelming phase of outpouring. Over a period of a few months, I have written and continue on this journey of short pieces, covering various aspects, from relationships, politics, my observations, tributes and life in general.

I particularly love the sound of the various Indian and hybrid languages that I have been fortunate to hear. I like the way some words so easily capture the vast gamut of human emotions and truly help to tell descriptive stories. Presented here are some of these works. Enjoy.

I sincerely regret the spelling errors that you may find in the original compositions on the left of each piece. Please do write to me with your suggestions.

Alfaaz — Words Daud — The Race Hasratein — Desires Unfulfilled Rang — Colors Woh — Those
Aks — Reflection Dost — Friend Ishq — Love Rishtay — Relations Yadein — Memories
Apnay — Ours Falak — Heaven Jaan — Life Shehr — City Yaari — Friendship
Arzoo — Desire Gam — Sorrow Khwaab — Dream Samajh — Understanding Yahin — Here
Aasra — Belief Ghar — Home Ma — Mother Siyasat — Politics Zindagi — Life
Akela — Alone Gairat — Self-respect Main — I Tuu — You
Beti — Daughter Gunehgaar — Guilty Matlab — Meaning Ulfat — Bonding
Beeti Batein — Tales of the past Hansi — Laughter Nasamajh — Foolish Ummeed — Hope
Baap — Father Husn — Beauty Nashaa — Intoxication Usool — Principles
Benaam — Nameless Humrahi — Companion Pehchaan — Identify Waqt — Time